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Mr. Vincent Alfera 

Born in New Castle, PA.  My father was an auto and truck mechanic, my mother raised four kids and worked stuffing ads in newspapers for the local newspaper. I am no rich kid. I never set foot inside of a country club except during college when working for a beer distributor and we delivered cases of beer and other beverages to various businesses.   During my first summer out of high school, before starting college I worked as a janitor for the public school system. During college summer vacations, I worked for Youngstown Sheet & Tube steel manufacturer in the factory’s coke plant where we made coke from coal to run the ovens. I also worked two summers at a Rockwell Standard plant making suspension springs for cars, trucks and giant earth movers, and I worked one summer at a plant that manufactured molds. During the factory work years, I started noticing how years of hard labor produced burned out workers, the kind of people who later became my clients in Social Security disability claims. I saw workers in the coke plant who had severe emphysema after working around coal dust for 35-40 years. I saw workers lose fingers and acquire third degree burns working in a forge and around heat treating ovens. I saw workers blow out their backs, necks, knees and shoulders lifting heavy weights all day.  Now I often see the same type of burned out workers in my office after they have been denied Social Security disability benefits.

I graduated Cleveland State University’s law school in 1975. Three days later I started working at Summit County Legal Aid, and remained there until 1981 when I started a private law practice.  During the legal aid years, I  represented people who had been denied Social Security disability and SSI benefits.  The numbers of people being denied Social Security disability and SSI benefits now are much higher than what I observed when starting to practice years ago.  In recent years, I have stopped doing nearly all other types of cases because there simply is not enough time to do all kinds of cases competently.  I now handle almost exclusively Social Security disability and SSI claims and these claims take up all of my time.  If you have another type of legal problem, we will try to refer you out to another attorney.  I am a sole practitioner.  There are no other attorneys in my law practice.




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